War Heroes




A Clash Royale with a military setting


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Boom Force is a MOBA that's very much like the brilliant Clash Royale, where you face off against other players online. To do this, you can use tanks, snipers, grenadiers, storm troopers, generals, and much more.

The gameplay in Boom Force is simple and direct. Each player starts out with three towers: one main and two secondary ones. The idea is to use your troops to destroy your enemy's towers while defending your own. Each round lasts a maximum of three minutes, after which time the person who's destroyed the most towers wins.

Boom Force lets you use many different kinds of troops but you've got to unlock them first. To unlock the troops and level them up you need to collect their respective cards. These cards are found inside chests, which you win as you get victories. In short, exactly the same as in Clash Royale.

Each troop in Boom Force has some specific attributes: life points, attack range, deploy time, speed, etc. These attributes get better as you level up. The further up you take your cards in the levels, the more powerful your troops will get.

Boom Force is a highly entertaining multiplayer strategy game. Thanks to the length of the rounds (between one and four minutes), you can play a quick hand basically anytime. Another nice addition to an increasingly popular genre.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.